Financial Aid for Returning Alumni

Just like with new campers, as an alum, we will work with your family to make it financially possible for you to attend Mathcamp every year you're eligible. We are committed to meeting 100 percent of demonstrated need for all our students, whether US, Canada, or international, including travel grants when needed.

Applying for financial aid as an alum is just like applying for financial aid as a new camper, except the timeline is shifted earlier. Financial aid applications are available on as soon as you start the alum sign-up form. The deadline for alum financial aid applications is the same as the sign-up deadline (March 31st), and we expect to give decisions almost immediately, on or shortly after April 5th.

For more details, read our page for prospective parents on financial aid, keeping in mind that, as an alum, you've already been admitted, and your financial aid deadline is earlier (March 31st).