Learn More About Donating to Mathcamp

We're really excited about all the amazing alumni and their families and friends who come together each year to support Mathcamp. You can be a part of camp, too! Learn more about why.

  • What does my $10 do? Do small donations actually help?

    They really do help.

    First of all, the small donations add up. In our 2015 - 2016 fiscal year, donations of $100 or less added up to $5,069. That's a lot of money! In fact, it's more than a full scholarship.

    Second, participation matters to grant funders. If we can say "50% of our alumni later give back to the program," that's a marker indicating that the program is successful and worth supporting. (And it puts us on par with the participation of successful colleges.) By giving any amount, you're contributing to the statistic.

    And finally, donating to the scholarship fund is about passing on the Mathcamp experience to new generations of students, and we love that it's the alumni who make this possible. We're not the Big Corporation Mathcamp: it's truly a community-supported program. You can be involved!

  • What does my $1,000 do? Will my money be used wisely?

    When someone makes a big gift to Mathcamp, it is a huge vote of confidence in the work that we do at the program, and we take our responsibility to our students and our donors very seriously. We put your gift directly into the scholarship fund, and use it to help a low-income student who would not otherwise be able to attend the program.

    As a small non-profit, we don't have a dedicated Development Office or fancy fundraising tools – it's just us, talking with you. But by keeping our overhead costs low, we're able to use our budget efficiently and focus on what's important: making Mathcamp accessible to every great kid, no matter what their financial circumstances.

  • What happens when someone makes a donation to Mathcamp?

    First: Marisa and Kevin, who are the year-round Mathcamp staff, do a happy dance on google hangouts. Then they add that donation to the running tally of support for the scholarship fund, and we all get a little bit closer to our goal!

    If it's the first time that person has made a donation to Mathcamp, then we learn a new name. (Marisa and Kevin know everybody who has ever donated to Mathcamp by name. We are really excited about you.) If it's a gift from a returning donor, we'll recognize the person and add a new happy-face to their giving history.

    Then in the spring, we assign your donation (and maybe some others) to a student who needs financial aid to come to camp, and that student becomes a Mathcamper!

  • Are other people from my summers at camp donating?

    Yes! Lots. Check out the numbers from the past decade (donations as of 09/30/2017):


    Help us get closer to 100% in your years!

  • Want to learn more?

    We're always happy to talk about Mathcamp. Contact us.

  • No more questions, and ready to donate?

    Awesome. Click here to donate easily and securely online, or write a check to "Mathcamp" and mail it to: 129 Hancock St, Cambridge, MA 02139.