All positions have now been filled for Mathcamp 2019.

About the JC Job

While we all love spending our summers at Mathcamp, it is an environment that requires an enormous amount of work to create, both before and during camp. A large part of this work is done by the JCs. From arranging weekend trips to making colorful signs, from cleaning what's dirty to looking after ailing campers, it is the JCs' job to step in whenever something needs doing and to get it done. In order for the camp to run smoothly the JCs must not only do what others ask, but must take the initiative to do what nobody else has yet worried about.

Many of the set duties of JCs are organizational: staffing the office, maintaining campers' files, managing messages, arranging the details of trips (buses, etc.). The JCs (along with the mentors) also take an active role in maintaining the vibrant social atmosphere of camp, including planning and leading many of the afternoon and evening activities, encouraging students to be sociable in the lounges, and so on. In addition, JCs act as residential advisors to students at camp. Other duties tend towards the administrative or parental, but JCs are not service slaves: they take on these jobs as part of the shared responsibility of running camp.

Perhaps the most stressful aspect of the job is that one gets almost no time off. This doesn't mean no fun, quite the contrary, but there are things to be done or activities to run all day and night, so personal time is minimal. As you may have noticed when you were at camp, the staff is usually stressed out and always tired, but mostly happy and excited, too.

The JCs are not expected to be involved with academic planning or teaching, but JCs can opt to participate in the mathematical side of camp. The mathematical role of JCs can range from providing feedback to campers on proofs or grading TPS problems all the way up to applying to teach your own week-long class. This part of the job is optional, so don't be deterred from applying if this more math-y role doesn't interest you. (By contrast, all JCs help to organize events, act as role models, and keep the camp running behind the scenes, so do be deterred if you are not interested in those roles!)


JCs will be provided with transportation, room, board, and a small stipend (US $4,000). While this is small material recompense for the difficulty of the job, we hope that you will choose, as we do, to consider Mathcamp a labor of love.

Some of the side benefits include: attending lectures, having access to the wealth of math people at Mathcamp, and enjoying the warm fellowship that always develops among the staff. Perhaps the most important benefit is the challenge and chance to apply all your abilities—creative, organizational, mathematical, social, technological, etc.—to make a real difference in a community you love.

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