All positions have now been filled for Mathcamp 2019.

Apply to be a Mentor

The application consists of a written application, a CV, and one or two letters of recommendation. You'll be able to submit your application through our online system.

The Application

First, write us a page or two about yourself, why you want to join Mathcamp and how you think you could contribute. Describe your qualifications, experience (construe that broadly), ideas, et cetera.

Second, describe, in a half-page to a page, a class or independent student project that you would like to run at Mathcamp. Feel free to design your dream class or ideal project. Make sure to include some details, like difficulty, pacing, problems you might assign, etc. Keep in mind that these are bright high school students who can accomplish a lot – but have limited time, and varying mathematical backgrounds. Some of them may meet modular arithmetic for the very first time at camp (but will be quick to pick it up and run with it); a few will have already taken classes at college, and will happily follow a development of Stokes' Theorem on manifolds; most fall somewhere in between. What we are most looking for is a coherent, interesting curriculum that demonstrates your creativity as a teacher.

In addition to your detailed class proposal, please give several brief descriptions (a sentence or two is fine) for 2-3 other classes or projects that you might like to run at Mathcamp. Please include enough details for us to understand the content of the course and the main ideas that students should take away; we would like to see your breadth as a teacher and your range as a mathematician.

Finally, we'd also like to hear any new ideas you have for interesting and fun activities, whether they are math-related or not.

We want to get an overall feeling for who you are, and how you would fit into our community, but your application needn't be longer than a few pages in total.

Recommendation Letters

We also ask for one letter of recommendation on your behalf. We are interested in both your mathematical strength and in your teaching experience and expertise. (It is worth stressing that some of our best mentors have had little formal teaching experience before their first summer at Mathcamp.) Though it is by no means a requirement, you may submit two recommendation letters: one from someone who knows you well mathematically, and one from someone who is familiar with your teaching ability. In any case, please show our description of the mentor position to your recommender, and ask your recommender to comment on your suitability for such a job.

Also, if you know someone who has been involved in Mathcamp in the past, and you would like us to keep them in mind as a reference, please include their name and email address.

How to Apply

We are currently interviewing candidates. Contact the committee if you are still interested in starting an application.

Thanks for your interest in working at Mathcamp!