TAU, or "Time: Academic, Unscheduled"

Two hours each day are designated as time to work on mathematics independently. Although most everyone does mathematics outside these hours as well, during this time all of the teachers make themselves available for "office hours" and groups often form to work their way through problems.

TAU, under the big tree outside the dorms

The Mathcamp staff are always available to answer mathematical questions, but we make an extra effort to be around during TAU. Each of us posts on a "TAU Board" with our location: it might be in a classroom, or it might be "under the big tree near the dorms." We invite all of our students to gather, work on problems separately or in groups, or ask us any questions. Many times, TAU will be used not just to answer homework questions but also to expand on unexpected questions, providing more depth into topics tangential to classes, but still interesting!