A Typical Day at Mathcamp

There is almost no such thing as a typical day at Mathcamp! You create your own days. Mathcamp's schedule is packed with classes, activities, and everything else we can possibly fit in. In every class hour, there are lots of classes to choose from, with a variety of topics and levels of difficulty; every evening, there are lots of activities going on... sports, music, dancing, board games, and all the wacky and creative events that the staff and students can dream up. Everything on the schedule is optional: students can choose what they want to do and when. We provide a framework in which everyone can learn a lot of math and have a lot of fun.

Broadly, here's what happens during a Mathcamp week day:

2pm-4pmTime: Academic, Unscheduled (TAU)
6pm onwardsEvening Activities
8pm-10pmSign In

On weekends, students relax with friends, work on math (like Projects), and go on Field Trips.