Activities at Mathcamp

Mathcamp is constantly abuzz with activities, scheduled and impromptu. Both staff and students are welcome to post activities on our "schedule board," a central area with posters for everything happening at camp. Thus, in the evenings, you'll be able to choose from posted activities such as Scrabble tournaments, swing dancing lessons, programming crash courses, introductions to Russian music, improvisational theater, or whatever else you might be interested in doing. After all, if it's not there, you can post it yourself!

Some recurring traditions at Mathcamp:

    Sometimes, we make liquid nitrogen ice cream.
  • Yearbook
    Every year, campers create the Mathcamp yearbook. It's a big undertaking, and students contribute as writers, photographers, editors, and organizers.
  • T-Shirt Design
    On the back of each year's Mathcamp t-shirt is a design filled with math. You create the math! Submit cool things you see in your classes, problem sets and projects.
  • Puzzle Hunt
    For a full day, teams of eight people work together to solve some incredibly challenging puzzles. These aren't your ordinary Sudoku, though; many puzzles come without instructions and it's up to you to find the patterns, discover the method, and extract the final answer – usually a "word or phrase." Then all the puzzle answers together form a new "metapuzzle!" To the winner: the responsibility for writing the next year's Hunt. Take a look at some past years' Puzzle Hunts!
  • relays on the quad
  • Interactive Literature
    An "IL," as we call it, is a chance to live the life of a character in a fictional universe. Just as you are acting out their life, so is everyone else around you, creating a unique story and universe together. This year's story could be a murder mystery in Victorian England, a raucous gathing of space pirates, a wizards' fair, or something entirely new.
  • Saturday afternoon Relays
    Math Relays are a fun, light-hearted, end-of-the-week activity at Mathcamp, and most of camp participates: it's a chance to run around outside in the sunshine and solve quick math problems. Campers organize themselves into teams of 5-7 people and again opt for "mellowcore" (we're just here to relax) or "hardcore" (we're in it to win it) and spend an hour solving problems as a team: logic problems, games, 'traditional' contest problems – you name it. (The prize for winning may involve candy.)
  • The Kernel at Mathcamp 2009
  • Contrapositones
    The Contrapositones is Mathcamp's choral group. We perform a selection of classical pieces, plus the Mathcamp anthem, Nonablelian (lyrics). Everyone is welcome - no experience necessary!
  • Kernel
    The Kernel is Mathcamp's contemporary a cappella group. We perform pop/rock and nerd rock songs – repertoire has included Jonathan Coulton, Tom Lehrer, and the classic "Finite Simple Group of Order 2" by the Klein Four Group. Auditions are held in the first week of camp.
  • Talent Show
    The last Friday of camp is our annual talent show, where students and staff can show off their own (and appreciate each other's) non-mathematical accomplishments. The talent show has everything from music and dancing to Rubik's cube solving to mathematical parodies of popular movies.

We avoid boredom like the plague.

The golden rule of Mathcamp is that you should never, ever be bored, and if you are, then we're not doing a good job. Check the schedule board for other activities, or invent your own and post them on the schedule board!