2021 Staff

The 2021 Faculty and Academic Coordinators:

  • Alan Chang is a postdoc at Princeton. He studies geometric measure theory and harmonic analysis, and he likes piano, video game music, and playing video game music on the piano.
  • Eric Stubley is newly finished with his PhD at the University of Chicago, and will be a postdoc at McGill University this fall. He will be an academic coordinator at this year's Mathcamp. He likes to hike, experiment with herbal tea blends, play cooperative board games, and read science fiction.
  • J-Lo (Jonathan Love) is an academic coordinator for Mathcamp 2021. He is a fifth year graduate student at Stanford University working in computational number theory and cryptography, and spends a lot of time playing, singing, and mathematizing music.
  • Kevin Carde has been teaching at Mathcamp since 2011. He received his PhD in Mathematics from the University of Michigan in 2014 and is now the Assistant Director of Mathcamp. His interests include combinatorics (especially algebraic) and solving and writing puzzles of all sorts.
  • Marisa Debowsky is the Executive Director of Mathcamp. Her mathematical interests include Topological Graph Theory and other combinatorial pursuits; outside of math, she enjoys singing, puzzles, and ritual coffee brewing. She has been teaching at Mathcamp since 2006.
  • Mark Krusemeyer is a Professor of Mathematics at Carleton College. His mathematical interests include algebra, combinatorics, number theory, and problem solving. His non-mathematical interests include recorder playing, hiking/scrambling, duplicate bridge, and table tennis. He has been a faculty member at Mathcamp since 1997.
  • Mia Smith has been coming to Mathcamp since 2010 and is currently a summer co-director. During the year, she is a graduate student at the University of Michigan. Her mathematical interests include algebraic combinatorics and graph theory. Outside of mathematics, she enjoys trail running, crossword puzzling, and drinking good coffee.
  • Misha Lavrov teaches and does research at Kennesaw State University in Georgia. Mathematically, he specializes in graph theory and Ramsey theory. Non-mathematically, he drinks many different kinds of tea, studies foreign languages, reads poetry, and bakes cookies. Misha was a student at Mathcamp in 2006 and 2007, and has been teaching here since 2014.
  • Susan Durst has been working for Mathcamp since 2008, and enjoys teaching classes in abstract algebra and mathematical logic. She received her PhD from Rutgers in 2013, and is currently a math faculty member at Proof School in San Francisco. Her nonmathematical interests include west coast swing dancing and choral music.


  • Aaron Anderson is a grad student at UCLA, studying the model theory of algebra and combinatorics, who likes playing music, running, and hiking.
  • Assaf Bar-Natan is a grad student at the University of Toronto, working on low-dimensional topology and Teichmuller theory. He likes biking, cooking, and sending people pictures of cats.
  • Ben Dees is a grad student at JHU. Mathematically, his interests include analysis and pathological counterexamples. His non-mathematical interests include all manner of games, swing dance, and watching or discussing plays and musicals.
  • Charlotte Trainor is a grad student at the University of British Columbia, studying harmonic analysis (although she likes all things analysis). She enjoys reading both books and book reviews, browsing used book shops, and re-reading her favourite novels.
  • Emily Gullerud is a grad student at the University of Minnesota. Her mathematical interests include group theory, algebraic topology, and combinatorics. Non-mathematically, they enjoy traveling, sitting in coffee shops, and trying new foods.
  • Gabrielle Scullard is a grad student at Penn State. Her mathematical interests are number theory, algebra, and algebraic number theory. In her free time, she cooks, reads, writes, runs, and puns.
  • Jorge Arce-Garro is a grad student at the University of Michigan, interested in mathematical physics, quantum control theory, and (recently) stochastic analysis. Born and raised in Costa Rica, he likes spending his time outdoors on photography, hiking, working out, practicing martial arts, and petting all kinds of animals.
  • Linus Hamilton is a grad student at MIT studying optimization algorithms. Beat his game: http://linushamilton.com/obobobo/
  • Samantha Moore is a grad student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying Topological Data Analysis. She enjoys dancing, hiking, and painting in her spare time.
  • Viv Kuperberg is a grad student at Stanford University. Her mathematical interests lie in analytic number theory, and her non-mathematical interests include all kinds of puzzles and many kinds of dancing.
  • Zoe Wellner is a grad student at Carnegie Mellon University. Her mathematical interests include topology and combinatorics, and her non-mathematical interests include cooking, running, painting, and playing the card game nertz


  • Ania Łeń is in her fourth year at University of Warsaw studying math with some physics, economics and computer science. She enjoys travelling, hiking, organizing educational events and drinking coffee.
  • Kalina Jasińska is a freshman at the University of Cambridge studying Computer Science. She enjoys cooking, baking, walking, and drinking hot chocolate.
  • Lizka Vaintrob just graduated from Columbia, where she majored in math and comparative literature and society. She likes to make art, to hike, and to have tea with friends.
  • Natali Gogishvili is on a gap year before college. Her mathematical interests include set theory, formal logic, combinatorics, topology, and fractal geometry. Outside of math, she enjoys dancing, coding, solving puzzles, sometimes drawing, and drinking tea.
  • Eric Oh is a rising sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University studying math and computer Science. He enjoys watching football and basketball, eating food, and telling the "truth" while playing card and social deduction games.
  • Phoebe Lin is a first-year at MIT studying atmospheric sciences, math, and music. She enjoys playing in orchestra, going on rainy walks, and eating ramen.
  • Scott Harvey-Arnold is a senior (now graduated) at Carnegie Mellon, majoring in math with a minor in computer science. He enjoys Ultimate Frisbee, board games, and puzzles (crossword and otherwise).

Jack of All Trades:

  • Gloria Krusemeyer has been helping out at Mathcamp for many years. As our Jack of All Trades ("JOAT"), campers will see her running craft projects, organizing dancing events, and using her engineering-oriented brain to solve real-world problems.