Mathcamp 2022 will be a residential program! Learn more.

Planning for Covid-19

Last updated 1/11/2021

Mathcamp 2022 will be a residential program, taking place at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. The safety of campers and staff will be our first priority. In addition to adhering to the guidance of public health institutions and state regulations, we're also designing a Mathcamp-specific set of protocols tailored to our particular situation.

Our goal is to make this year's camp as normal as possible by enacting pragmatic policies to reduce the risks of Covid and its impact on camp. Key prevention strategies include:

  • a vaccine mandate for all campers and staff
  • enhanced precautions for all new arrivals to camp, including regular testing
  • enhanced precautions in the first week of camp
  • limiting interactions between Mathcamp and the outside world, as enabled by Colby's rural location

We are developing our COVID policies in consultation with medical and public health professionals. There will be a tiered system of precautions for the camp, covering classes, socialization, dormitories, field trips, dining, travel, visitors, and more, as well as protocols to handle any positive cases should they occur. Our system will be accompanied by Colby's protocols, which have been doing an excellent job in keeping Colby's students safe.

Read the detailed protocols for this summer in the Summer 2022 section.