About University of Puget Sound

The University of Puget Sound is a liberal arts college in the Pacific Northwest. UPS is located in Tacoma, Washington, in the residential North End neighborhood, near independent bookstores, restaurants, and coffee shops. It is approximately 35 miles south of Seattle, 25 miles south of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and 50 miles north of Mount Rainier.

UPS is a math-friendly campus! The science center (where we'll have our classes) had a mathematically-inclined renovation a few years ago, and now sports a sundial, Foucault Pendulum, Penrose Tiling, Sierpinski carpet, 500 digits of pi written out in binary in wall tiles, projective plane of order 4 in floor tiles, logarithmic spiral mosaic, Pauli Spin Matrices in floor tiles, and a great map of the solar system.

UPS has comprehensive wireless connectivity in all campus buildings, modern atheletic facilities (including a climbing wall, track, swimming pool, and weight room, fully renovated in 2016), and a popular dining hall.

If you need to pick up necessities, you can buy notebooks, shampoo, and the likes at the UPS Campus Bookstore. There are also several major 24-hour supermarkets within half a mile of campus.

Mathcamp 2024 will be housed in adjacent Smith and Oppenheimer halls.