Resources for Students who love Math

Here are some resources that we recommend. Want even more? See this list!

Summer Programs

Other Mathematical Resources

    Online Math Classes

    • AoPS Courses (low cost): excellent online math courses for high-school students, with homework and feedback from instructors.
    • Stanford Online Courses (requires per-class tuition): university courses for pre-college students, self-paced and with instructor support.
    • Coursera (free to audit, low-cost with financial aid available for enrollment): large open online courses, scheduled for 5-14 week sessions.
    • The Online Courses Directory (free): a collection of online college courses from major universities (such as MIT), study at your own pace.
    • MIT OpenCourseWare (free): materials (videos, lecture notes) from MIT courses.
    • Khan Academy (free): interactive courses on various subjects, including K-12 and intro college math.

    Year-Round Math Classes and Research Opportunities

    • Learning Unlimited Programs: day- and weekend-long festivals of learning, much in the style of Mathcamp classes.
    • Math Circles: weekly or monthly gatherings exploring cool topics in math. Find a circle near you or start your own!
    • PRIMES: Research in STEM for high school students.

    Problems, Problem Solving, and Math Competitions

    Interactive Web Utilities and Study Materials

    Other Online Resources

    • Real Not Complex: curated, free textbooks.
    • The Napkin Project: giant textbook, which aims to make higher math accessible to high school students.
    • 3Blue1Brown: beautiful animations alongside approachable, detailed explanations.

    Collaborative Spaces by and for Research Mathematicians

    (Watch research unfold!)
    • Math Overflow: for mathematicians to ask and answer research-level math questions
    • PolyMath: a blog and wiki for "massively collaborative mathematical research projects",
    • The Open Problem Garden: a collection of unsolved problems in mathematics.