Planning for Covid-19

Last updated 4/16/2024

Covid in 2024 is still prevalent, and is now known to be not just a respiratory infection, but a multi-organ, systemic disease that can have long-term effects on our immune systems and brains. At Mathcamp this year, we continue to focus on keeping our community safe through preventive measures and containment of cases.

We require everyone at camp to have completed an initial Covid vaccination series. We will ask for proof of vaccination when you register (registration takes place online; the deadline for admitted students is May 14th.) We strongly encourage everyone to also take the updated vaccine for 2023-24. If you are in the US, has more information on where to get one. This site has some useful information on current updated vaccines.

Please take vaccination very seriously, keeping in mind that we aren’t just thinking about the flu-like symptoms of a case of Covid, but about its potentially serious long-term effects.

Initial testing
We will be arriving at camp from all corners of the world and by all possible modes of transport. So everyone will take a rapid test on arrival, and every day for the first five days of their stay at camp. We also ask that you take a rapid test at home within the 24 hours before you start your travel, and we’ll ask you to send us a photo of the result.

Community guidelines

Masks: We’ll have masks and rapid tests freely available for anyone who is unwell and anyone who wants to take extra precautions to protect themselves and others. If you have any cold, cough, or flu-like symptoms, or just aren’t feeling well, then we ask that you use a mask and take a rapid test. Please pay attention to how you are feeling and use your best judgment! If you do have obvious symptoms, and perhaps haven’t noticed because well, camp is just so busy, we’ll take care of you of course, and also remind you to use a mask and to take a rapid test. As rapid tests may not give reliable results early, we might ask you to repeat the test on subsequent days.

Mid-camp travel: All mid-camp travel needs to be discussed and approved in advance. We do ask that you don’t undertake any high-exposure travel in the middle of camp. (For example, travel to competitions.) If you do need to travel, we might ask you to re-take a five-day series of rapid tests on your arrival. (For example, if you are traveling by air.)

What happens if someone gets Covid?
If you get Covid, we will take care of you! We’ll also try to keep everyone else from getting it. We will have a space reserved for isolation, and anyone who gets Covid will be moved from their dorm room to this space for a period of five days, where we will monitor your symptoms and make sure you have everything you need. (If you feel up to it, we’ll find ways to keep you engaged with camp activities while you get better.) After this five day period, we will proceed on the basis of your symptoms and the advice of the camp nurse.

Changes to guidelines/policies
Based on our previous experience, these measures (initial testing, masking if symptomatic and isolation of cases) should together be enough to keep the community safe. We may, however, change our policies in response to changing circumstances. (For example, we might move meals outdoors, or require masking at some or all venues.) In case we do need to make any such changes, we ask for your cooperation and support.