New Camper Applications

Applying to Mathcamp is an exciting process!

It starts with identifying whether this program is the right fit for the student. Mathcamp is a program with a lot of academic freedom and personal responsibility; it is designed to be a taste of life in college, but in a supportive environment surrounded by like-minded peers. For students who are ready for a challenging mathematical curriculum and a flexible schedule, it is an amazing experience. (See also eligibility.)

Once students have decided that it's a good fit and they're ready to apply, they can start working on their applications! The application includes a short piece of writing About You, contact info for a Reference, and solutions to the Qualifying Quiz. The Quiz is an unusual form of entrance exam: it is a set of challenging, interesting problems, published in January, that students may work on without a time limit over the course of two months. (Parents can't help with the math or the write-up, but you can offer moral support while your students are wrestling with the tough problems!)

Admission to Mathamp deliberately does not take any financial information into account (including whether not a student has applied for financial aid at all), and need-based financial aid is widely available. When students are filling out the application for admission, they can create an application for financial aid and either fill it out together with their family, or send the application to a parent or guardian for them to submit online. (See scholarships.)

Applications are due in March; we announce decisions in April. Admitted students have several weeks to decide whether or not to accept their offer; the deadline to register is in May. (See dates & deadlines.)

A small number of candidates will be placed on a waitlist in April, and if places become available in April and May, we will offer admission to students from the waitlist and invite them to register. All students' admission status will be resolved by the end of May.

Keep in mind that there are many, many more qualified applicants than there are places for new students, so admission is competitive. It's always good to have a back-up plan, and parents can support their students by helping them prepare for all possible outcomes as students go through the application process.