Our Students

Mathcamp students are teenagers who love mathematics, ages 13–18, from all over the world. (Learn more about eligibility.) We bring 120 students to camp each summer, approximately 65 first-time campers and 55 returning alumni.

Admission for new students is competitive, and we receive 1000+ applications for those 65 spots. The standards for mathematical qualification are the same for all applicants, so naturally we see more strong applications from candidates in high school than in middle school; nonetheless, we usually admit a handful of 13- and 14-year-old students each year and we invite applications from middle schoolers who have demonstrated the mathematical and personal maturity to succeed in an intensive program. We welcome applications from siblings of Mathcampers (and often have had siblings at camp in the past!), but there is no advantage conferred on legacy students during the admissions process.

Returning students are automatically invited to return throughout their time in high school (up to and including the summer after 12th grade), and many students come to Mathcamp for multiple summers (we even have fifth- and sixth-time campers!). Learn more about the alumni return policy.

The community at Mathcamp brings together math enthusiasts from a wide range of life experiences. Our student body is approximately 50% girls and nonbinary students, 50% boys. While we primarily serve students in the U.S. and Canada (hence the name "Canada/USA Mathcamp"), we also bring about 15% international students to our program each summer. Read more about home countries of our campers.