Permission Forms

Students will need several permission forms to participate in Mathcamp; some are required, others are optional. We must receive the mandatory forms by the student's registration deadline, along with the tuition deposit.

Which form? Required? Deadline
Permission and Indemnity Form [PDF] YES, Required for Registration Must be received by registration deadline
Medical Consent Form [PDF] YES, Required for Registration Must be received by registration deadline
Permission to Keep Medications Form [PDF] Optional (as applicable) Must be received by registration deadline
Additional Medications Form [PDF] Optional (as applicable) If you have extra medications to add after having submitted the registration form, fill this out to add them to your file.
Permission to leave campus [PDF] with relatives or family friends Optional (as applicable) May be submitted any time prior to visit

Note that the Model Release form is part of the online registration, rather than a separate form.

Covid-19 Vaccination and Exemption Requests

All Mathcamp 2024 participants (students, staff, and overnight visitors) will be required to complete a full course of Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) vaccine using a WHO-approved vaccine before arriving at camp. Families will be able to upload proof of vaccination at the time of registration.

We will honor documented medical and religious exemptions. Students and families may request an exemption using one of the following forms:

Note that the medical exemption form must be accompanied by a letter from a medical provider. As a reminder, having had Covid-19 in the past is NOT a permissible criterion for an exception.

Families may upload the request for exemption at the time of registration. Please allow up to two weeks for your request to be reviewed. If an exemption is granted, we will send you a confirmation by email.

Pre-Camp Forms

Shortly before camp, we will also invite families to complete permission forms for any optional recreational activities that require waivers (e.g., to use the campus gym, or to participate in a whitewater rafting field trip). While these waivers are optional, we encourage parents to complete them so that students have the choice of whether or not to participate.

Please call or email us if you have any questions about permission forms.