Registration for Mathcamp 2024

Your child was accepted: congratulations! The next step is to register for this summer's program. The registration deadline for most students is May 14. (There may be some exceptions: for instance, alumni typically register in April, and students admitted in May off of the waitlist will have registration deadlines in June.)

Registering for Mathcamp has gone paperless, and everything can be done online. You may still choose to mail the tuition deposit; if you do, be sure to leave enough time so that we receive all of your registration materials before the deadline. Our offices are not always staffed during business hours, so we are unable to accept mail that require a signature. Please do NOT send certified mail.

The Appsys

Our secure online portal,, is the place to access and update student-related information, including medical and financial records.

Students create password-protected login credentials when they first apply for admission to Mathcamp, and when they are admitted, we create a student portal for them. Students may grant parents access to their records by following some steps outlined in the system. Once students complete these steps, parents have access to pay tuition, apply for financial aid, update students' medical and insurance records, and more.

The Registration Process

  1. Both students and parents will be asked to complete an online form. Accepted students receive instructions about online registration in their admissions email, so look for that email to get started.
  2. As part of the online registration, there are several documents to upload:
    • The Permission/Indemnity Form and Medical Consent Form (see Permission Forms).
    • If the student will be keeping and self-administering any medications (whether prescription or over-the-counter, and whether daily or as-needed), please upload the Permission To Keep Medications Form (see Permission Forms again).
    • Proof of medical insurance. Most commonly, this is a scan of both sides of your insurance card. If instead you are buying traveler's insurance, you can either upload or email us the policy confirmation and details.
    • Immunization records, including up-to-date mumps or MMR vaccines. Alternatively, you may submit a physician's statement explaining that the student has not been vaccinated for health reasons, or an official letter from your school indicating that the family has religious objections to vaccines. If it is more convenient for you or your doctor's office, you may fax this to us instead (with instructions in the online form).
  3. Finally, submit your tuition deposit of 25% of the camp fee, less any scholarships. (Students with full scholarships do not need to pay anything to register.) We ask U.S. families to pay online by electronic check, and international students by wire transfer. You may also mail a paper check or money order. (But we do not accept payment by credit card; the processing fees are too high!) The details can be found in the online registration system. If your family has been offered financial aid, please submit income verification documents. If available, we prefer the front page of your 2023 Form 1040 or equivalent. It suffices to send only the front page including the adjusted gross income. These forms will be accessible only to Mathcamp staff, but we recommend that you black out social security numbers for extra security.

All parts of registration must be received (not postmarked!) by the registration deadline. Again: please do not send registered mail. Thanks!