Residential Life at Mathcamp

Our dorms are the center of camp life, and a home away from home over the summer. In 2024, we will be housed Smith and Oppenheimer at Puget Sound. The campers will live in doubles (with a few singles). Students placed together are approximately of the same age; students who know each other prior to arriving at Mathcamp may request to be roommates. Each hall has one staff member per every 6–10 students, serving as the Residential Advisor (RA) for those students.

When you're looking for something or someone, start by checking the main lounge: it's the hub of activity, and the home of the schedule board, which tells you what's going on this week at camp. The dorms also have (free) laundry machines (and we supply the detergent); (free) water coolers; and (free) wifi.

The Pacific Northwest has cool evenings during the summer; we recommend a light jacket. The dorms are not air-conditioned, but we will provide fans as needed.

Photo of celebrating a birthday at camp

Residential life at Mathcamp is a taste of college life. There's no morning wake-up call or evening lights out; students are responsible for their own day-to-day needs (so pack an alarm clock!). Our schedules are packed with exciting classes and activities, and students choose how to spend their time. We also recognize that summer camp is a place where students are developing the life skills that will serve them as they become fully independent, so there is a supportive network of Mathcamp staff living in the dorms and looking out for students' well-being. (And celebrating summer birthdays, of course.)

Meals at Mathcamp are in the campus dining hall, and everyone is on the unlimited meal plan (there is no additional cost for meals). Vegetarian, vegan, and allergen-free options are always available! The availability of other special meals varies as the camp moves from year to year. However, even when special meals cannot be arranged through the dining hall, Mathcamp has always been able to accommodate all of our students' dietary restrictions, including those of students with very severe allergies and those who kept strictly kosher. Feel free to contact us to discuss your particular situation.

On campus, students have access to all of the college's amenities and facilities, including computer labs, library, and athletic facilities. Here's a campus map.