Weekend Activities

In the "Mathcamp standard week" at our residential program, we teach classes Tuesday through Saturday, so the Mathcamp "weekend" is Sunday and Monday. Sundays are for relaxation, small-group outings, hikes, and other optional activities. Major field trips are scheduled for Mondays, to avoid the crowds. In all outdoor and indoor activities, student safety is our first concern.

Photo of a day hike

Each summer's field trips will include outdoor activities (such as whitewater rafting or sea kayaking), indoor rock climbing, trips to downtown Tacoma, and lots of opportunities for hiking at all levels. The cost of all these activities is included in the camp fee. There will also be opportunities for smaller field trips and outings, to take advantage of the many attractions and cultural activities that Washington has to offer.

Before camp, we will ask you to fill out permission forms for some of the summer's field trips. Whether you choose to sign either or both of these form is, of course, up to you. However, without your signature your child will not be able to go on the trip. Your signature does not obligate your child to participate; it only means that they have the option to do so, and can decide later on. Even though these trips (like all activities at Mathcamp) are optional, we encourage you to give your child the opportunity to participate if they wish.

Some students choose to attend church/mosque/synagogue on weekends at Mathcamp, and we are happy to facilitate this. At the beginning of camp, we will invite people of faith to discuss with their Residential Advisors what services, if any, they would like to attend. Throughout camp, the staff will arrange for transportation to and from places of worship; we ask students to remind us at least a day in advance (just to make sure we don't leave anybody out).

Of course, students are also welcome to take advantage of the slower pace of weekends to enjoy some quiet time at camp and recharge for the week to come.