Support at Camp

There are systems in place to make sure students have healthy and productive summeres, and that no one falls through the cracks.

Academic and Residential Advising

Each student will be assigned two staff advisors – one academic and one residential – who will be specifically responsible for the student's welfare. The advisors will maintain close daily contact with the student, and will meet with the student at least once a week to discuss academic progress as well as any other concerns. (More about residential advising and academic advising.)

Health Care

The Camp Nurse is primarily responsible for health care at Mathcamp; the nurse oversees daily medications and sees sick or injured campers. The camp nurse is on campus six mornings per week (to distribute morning meds and talk to campers experiencing issues) and is on call at all other times.

If campers are seriously ill or injured (as determined by the camp nurse), we will take them to the hospital or call an ambulance right away. In less servere circumstances, we will bring campers to Urgent Care.

Although many students are comfortable administering their own medications (daily or as needed), our liability insurance requires that we collect and store all camper medications on the first day of camp. (This includes over-the-counter medications like Advil. Exceptions include epipens, inhalers, and vitamins.) For campers who require medication, we will administer their medication regularly as directed, and all medication use is documented. Campers feeling under the weather can ask at the Mathcamp office (centrally located in the dorms) and we can provide over-the-counter medication.

If campers who need regular access to off-site medical care during camp, families are welcome to contact us to discuss, and we are happy to make arrangements to support students receiving continued care during their time at Mathcamp.