Here are a few terms you'll hear students using to describe their days at camp. (Sometimes it helps to know the lingo.)

47-Week Field Trip Life between sessions of Mathcamp.
Advisor Meetings Weekly check-ins with academic advisors about math at camp
All-Nighter The last night of camp, where (optional!) activities are officially scheduled all night for those leaving very early in the morning.
Blurbs The week's course descriptions
Check out / Check in Arranging with Mathcamp staff for a group of students to leave campus and return.
Day 0 The day on which students arrive at camp.
Hunt The annual Mathcamp Puzzle Hunt, usually on the fourth weekend of camp.
JC A camp counselor and organizer (these are college students)
Kernel Mathcamp's contemporary a cappella group
Mentor A camp counselor and instructor (these are math grad students)
Nonabelian Mathcamp's alma mater. (Also a mathematical adjective meaning non-commutative, e.g. to describe a group.)
"QQ" or "the Quiz" Short for the Qualifying Quiz, the centerpiece of the new camper application
RA Group A JC or Mentor and a group of 6–10 students who live on the same hall in the dorms.
Relays A lighthearted problem solving activity on Saturday afternoons
Scheduleboard A visual view of the week's extracurricular activities, posted in the main lounge.
Sign In Each student touches base with the staff every day at camp.
TAU Office hours. (TAU stands for "Time, Academic, Unscheduled.")
Tones Short for the Contrapositones, Mathcamp's choir
Weekend Sundays and Mondays
Workshift A lighthearted and recursive penalty for being late to sign-in: finding the campers who are late the next day.
VMC Either a generic term for Virtual Mathcamp (the implentation of Mathcamp in an online format), or a specific reference to Virtual Mathcampus, our online home away from home.
YKYMMW Stands for "You Know You Miss Mathcamp When" – a traditional email chain after camp ends.